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Ring Of Duty, Ring Of Love Johanna Maas

Ring Of Duty, Ring Of Love

Johanna Maas

Kindle Edition
230 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Arabel and her sister Kyla of the clan MacLeod lived a protected life until the raiding of the MacKenzie took everything that they knew and loved from them. Now, armed only with her fierce sense of duty, her strong will to protect and her powerful will to survive, Arabel must learn how to forage through her wretchedness to seek full retribution for her family.As she grows towards the woman she was truly sired to be, Arabel finds herself disturbed and fully perturbed. Disturbed by the presence of yet another unwelcome guest upon her lands and perturbed with herself over her reactions to this giant Highland warrior. When she first laid eyes upon him, she felt a sure hitch in her breath for the amazing and stunning creature that stood before her. For his voice was as smooth as honey and when she gazed at him it caused a warm and strange sensation throughout her body. She scolded herself most assuredly for her lack of restraint, for this was an unknown warrior standing before her, one that had no right to be within her lands and near her home! And this was a man, to whom she could never trust.This is a heart rendering tale of how Arabel struggles to survive to one day fulfill the duty that is only hers. A duty that could cost her everything…