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The Bio-Gardeners Bible Lee Fryer

The Bio-Gardeners Bible

Lee Fryer

Published January 1st 1982
ISBN : 9780801972881
Unknown Binding
240 pages
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 About the Book 

This book says some amazing things. First it says that the moisture in the air can be used by the plants if they are healthy. This is based on the true story of a farmer in a time of drought who used a seaweed/fish foliar fertilizer on his corn field and it grew and produced a crop without the rain. Then it says that the microorganisms in the soil can convert the nitrogen in the air into 100 pounds per year of fertilizer for your crops -- if they are healthy. The famous study by the Dutch botanist Von Helmont is described where he weighed the soil before and after the plant grew determining that the majority of the mass came from the air and water through photosynthesis. Chapter 4 is all about the role of seaweed and fish in gardening. The study of Justis Von Liebig is sited where the plant growth is limited by the nutrient in the least supply. This means that no matter how much nitrogen you add to your soil, the trace mineral deficiency will determine the result. There are a number of fertilizer recipes in chapter 6. So this book is basically your best reference for fertilizers and soil fertility.